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Sosai Masutatsu Oyama announced the Kyokushin philosophy in a speech at the 1st World Championship in 1975.

He said: "Kyokushin Karate transcends race, ethnicity, and national borders, eliminates the barriers of politics, religion, thought, and gender and aims to realize peace for humankind in the world."

We know the preciousness of each person's life. Martial Arts respects human life, we pay homage and do our best to be courteous. Nothing in the world is as important as the irreplaceable life given to you by your parents. In every country in the world, people grow up with the love of their parents and the love of their families. People originally have the power to love each other. Humans are the crystals of love.

But war is a life-threatening act. It is the opposite of peace. There is no peace that can be built on the sacrifice of war.

Do not sacrifice this precious life that cannot be replaced by anything in the war.

We will do not want more victims of this war and offer our condolences to all who have perished.

Kyokushin opposes the war.


Shigeru Tabata

Director General IKOKU

March 1, 2022                                        理事長 田畑 繁








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